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As an all-encompassing creative agency, The Juvia Agency has built a team of creative powerhouses to offer only the best for its clients. Here at The Juvia Agency, we use a dynamic and unique approach for startups, women-owned business and nonprofits, offering more flexibility to meet the budget and needs of our clients.

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Public Relations

What does the public have to say about your business or personal image? That’s what public relations is all about. We offer a variety of public relations services, including:

  • Company Messaging
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations


Content Marketing

How are you communicating your company message to your audience? Content marketing is the art of capturing the attention of an intended audience through enticing content. There are various platforms your company might need content marketing assistance, including:

  • Website
  • Promotional Collateral
  • Editorial Placements
  • Advertisements
  • Speechwriting
  • Procedures and Guidelines


Social Media Management

Everyone has gone social – this is not new, but perhaps it’s new to your company. Ensuring your company messaging aligns with your social media presence is important, and so is your return on investment (ROI). Build an online presence that speaks loudly to your audience and brings them back to your website.


Graphic Design

What do your logo and promotional materials say about your company? It’s crucial to have a visual identity that properly identifies with the overall mission of the company. Whether starting from the ground up or adding promotional pieces, build your brand through our graphic design services, including:

  • Logo Design
  • Identity Package (logo, business card, letterhead, envelope)
  • Social Media Branding
    • New Accounts
    • Individual Campaigns
  • Print and Digital Advertisements
  • Packaging


Website Development

Your competition has an amazing website, and so should your business. Whether it’s your business’ first website or a website revamp, there are many things to consider, and ensuring a professional team does it for you is key. There are various details your business might need in regards to website development, including:

  • Responsive Website Design (websites that format to screen size)
  • Campaign-based Websites
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Website Management Training
  • Hosting
  • Email Accounts


Event Planning

Don’t settle for a mediocre event for your customers. You need to WOW them with every intricate detail. By outlining a strategic event plan and ensuring all areas are met, your business needs to partner with a creative team that knows how to keep the party going. Our team manages numerous event types and tasks associated with them, including:

  • Business or Product Launch Events
  • Corporate Meetings and Lunches
  • Ribbon-cutting Ceremonies
  • Special Occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.)
  • Art Exhibitions



We love fundraising! Why? Because it encompasses all the skills we offer – strategic planning, branding, website development and event planning – into one campaign. Whether it’s a one-day fundraising campaign or an online campaign with payment processing, our team can work with your business to hash out the details. While many fundraising events are tied to nonprofits, there is a variety of fundraising features, including:

  • Invitation List Creation and Distribution
  • Volunteer Management
  • Sponsorship



It is known that New York is a melting pot of cultures, languages and beautiful people – making it even more important to target customers in their native language. We offer translation services in Spanish and French as well as marketing services for the Hispanic and French market.


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